Large Tall Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Large tall leather motorcycle jackets for tall riders

Are you tall, and are you having trouble finding big and tall jackets that will suit you well? you’re not the sole one!

Finding a well-fitting jacket is often hard once you are over 6 feet tall. That’s why this text is highlighting crucial aspects. This article will assist you to discover the gear you need!

With 6’1 and 185 lbs, a person is not slim, and he knows the difficulty of wearing jackets with too short arm sleeves. One among the riding people is 6’2 and 165 lbs, and have been to a lot of gear shops around town. So both slim as bigger riders will have trouble finding an appropriate jacket for tall riders.

The following are the two best big and tall jackets for tall riders, followed by an in-depth article for both slim and larger guys out there.

So what’s the simplest motorcycle jacket for tall riders?

The best leather motorcycle jackets for tall riders are the Dainese Racing 3. The simplest textile motorcycle jackets for tall riders is the REV’IT Jupiter 2 jacket. Riders with a much bigger waist should consider looking into REV’IT for leather jackets also since Dainese features a slim cut. This is the simplest leather jacket for tall riders.

Tall and slim men’s jackets

Let’s begin with the most important problem, which is finding an honest jacket for tall and slim riders. These bikers usually get to find the jackets which are either too short or too wide for them.

European vs American fit

It’s no secret that the typical American fit may be a bit wider than the typical European fit. This is the reason European tall men’s jackets will fit tall and slim bikers better than American brands.

Dainese has a number of the simplest leather jackets out there, which will fit slim riders all right. an inventory of the best-sold leather jackets from Dainese is often found here (Amazon). The Dainese Racing 3 jacket is the better option if you are slim and tall.

Dainese is a well-known Italian brand that manufactures motorcycling, winter sports, mountain biking, and horseriding leather jackets. Italian clothing is sort of tight and narrow since most Italians are slim. That’s why this brand fits so well for tall and slim riders.

For textile jackets, it is highly recommended to choose REV’IT. Dainese may be a star in leather gear, but their textile gear isn’t anything special. REV’IT is Dutch and produces great textile jackets! (Revzilla) I wear the REV’IT Jupiter jacket and it fits me perfectly. My buddy also got this jacket and it also fits him (even though he has another build than me).

Big and tall men’s leather jackets with wide shoulders

Are you over 6 feet and does one have wide shoulders? you’ll probably find yourself with a plus size leather biker jacket which will suit your shoulders well, but maybe a bit too wide on the waist. there’s nothing we will do that, unfortunately.

Your shoulder size is more important than your waist size since the shoulders are going to be covered by armor. Confirm the armor fits all-around your shoulder and it doesn’t rest only on your shoulder, so you can get a big and tall leather motorcycle jacket.

Tall and slim

Are you tall and slim built? Therein case, finding a jacket could be a challenge. They aren’t cheap, but you’ll get the simplest (fitting) leather jacket money can purchase.

What if you’re very slim and can’t find anything that fits? Here may be a hack!

Did you try the Dainese jackets and are these jackets still too wide for you? Man, you’re having a tough time finding the proper jacket!

But don’t worry, there’s a touch trick that no-one talks about! The trick is sort of simple. Just check out ladies’ jackets! Many jackets are made for ladies but will look good on men also. A neutral black color will do.

The only thing you’ve got to think about is the zipper. Men’s brown leather motorcycle jackets are the best choice for a biker. Women’s clothing has inverse zippers. You’ll need to get won’t to zipping the opposite way around, but that’s all you’ve got to stress about!

Tall and large guys

Next up is the tall and larger guys. Having a touch of waist may be a disadvantage in most cases. Well, today is your day, because being a touch bigger makes it easier to seek out a jacket for tall riders!

Slim people will find that the larger sizes will slot in length, but they won’t slot in width. For us, however, that’s different. we’ll have both the advantage of the longer fit also because of the wider cut.

It is a rough opinion that bigger guys appreciate textile jackets better. That’s because leather jackets should fit sort of a second skin. they need to be super tight to figure well. Bigger guys will find it harder to seek out something that matches that precise and typically get super hot during a tight leather jacket.

For the larger guys out there, it is suggested that REV’IT and Joe Rocket are the brands to travel to, for both leather and textile jackets. It is best to wear a REV’IT Jupiter 2 textile jacket and it works great on a rider. You would possibly want to travel bigger if you have a touch of the belly.

Things to stay in mind when buying a much bigger jacket

As with the slimmer riders, the larger riders should also confine mind that the shoulder protection should fit in the least times! Shoulder protection should go all the way around your shoulders and not rest just on your shoulders.

A jacket that matches the shoulders but has some waist left is better than a jacket with an ideal waist fit but incorrect shoulder protection.

Another thing to stay in mind is the length. Always try your jacket while you are positioned on your bike. This will make an enormous difference, especially for those that ride sportbikes. confine mind that you’ll be bending forward, uncovering your lower back when the jacket is just too short.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Leather Jacket

While taking care of a leather motorcycle jacket, conditioning is the most basic and important step because the cowhide leather can dry out over time; thus, the threads stitching the jacket together can begin to rot. Depending upon the frequency of your riding, investing a touch effort a couple of times a year should look after your jacket — and can allow your jacket to worry for you in return!

• Keep your leather jacket hanging on a hanger and place it on the back of a door, curtain rod, or somewhere water-friendly.

• Allow the jacket to dry in a well-ventilated place; don’t use any sort of artificial heat thereon because you’ll only damage the leather because it can shrink and crack.

• Mix a bucket of warm water with a couple of drops of dishwashing soap and use a microfiber towel to softly wipe down the outside of your leather jacket. Rinse the towel in clean water to stop repeated wipe downs in dirty water.

• Once the leather is totally dry, invest a while in gently massaging a top-quality leather conditioner into the jacket.

• Allow the jacket to soak up the conditioner then gently wipe it down with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

• Here are a few of the high-quality conditioners we recommend

• Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

• Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner

How Much Should I Pay to Buy A Leather Jacket?

There are as many price variations as there are jackets. Generally, you get what you buy, but while in some cases you buy the name, the worth usually comes right down to the quality and type of leather used. Cheap leather garments will mostly have many seams to enable the maker to use the maximum quantity of the skin as possible when the piece is being cut out.

A good quality leather garment is usually supple and soapy to the touch. Any well-designed leather garments shouldn’t have unnecessary seams but should appear as if a cloth garment is seaming.

Which type of leather you decide on depends on what you would like from the jacket. If after something soft, prioritize calfskin or goatskin, but bear in mind that it’s going to not be as good as a thick biker-type hide.

For the absolute best quality (and steepest prices) you’ll be got to search for ‘full-grain’ leather jackets. These use the simplest quality hides and, thanks to its thickness, are rather stiff initially. they’re going to take some breaking in, a bit like an honest pair of Derby shoes, but you’ll be rewarded with a natural patina and a jacket that’s unique to you.

If your budget is restricted, ‘top grain’ leathers are cheaper. These have had the natural grain sanded off and been stamped to offer the leather a good look. Cheaper still, you’ll get great leather alternatives like polyurethane, which can also appeal to those that want the design, but want to avoid using animal skins.

While weighing up a leather jacket, don’t stop at the leather itself. Check for the quality of zips and buttons. Zips should run very smoothly and frictionlessly while buttons are going to be made from natural materials like mother of pearl, horn, and corozo. A cheaply made garment will rarely have good standard trims.

How to buy big and tall motorcycle gear

Saying a big and tall motorcycle leather jacket is about as helpful as saying drinkable liquid. While it points a thirsty traveler in the right direction, it does little to guide them through the variations in viscosity, nutritional value, and palate satisfaction that they will expect when taking a swig.

While riders trying to find a tall motorcycle jacket could easily find themselves being grouped within the general category of fellas needing big and tall jackets; the latter doesn’t necessarily fulfill the requirements of the previous. A rider buying an extended motorcycle jacket and a rider looking to shop for a 3, 4, or 5XL motorcycle jacket are quite likely trying to find something that’s notably different.

This guide for giant and tall motorcycle leather jackets is all about providing important insights into the aspects of fitment for motorcyclists whose measurements don’t always fall perfectly in line with a brand’s sizing charts. supported by years of experience working with brands and customers alike, our gear gurus have skilled an inventory of common issues that we’ve continually seen frustrate fellow riders (and ourselves!). The content below discusses all crucial aspects about everything from what to think about when buying big and tall motorcycle jackets to the way to properly navigate the nuances of sizing changes when considering to wear large and tall motorcycle jackets.

The goal here is to showcase the differences between all of those and shine some light on why it’s important to concentrate on every. To do so, we’ve broken things down into three general body types that find themselves trying to find big and tall motorcycle gear:

Big and tall motorcycle gear types

• Tall and thin

• Tall and athletic

• Big and burly

Tall and thin riders

Anatomically are you a touch more Kevin Durant than Dani Pedrosa? You’re tall, lean, and your email blows up when it’s time to line up the office rec league five (because you played within the pros). While your frame comes with the additional advantage of unobstructed views of the stage at almost any concert, it also comes with a couple of hindrances when finding properly fitting motorcycle gear.

Big and burly riders

Like a finely crafted whiskey barrel, riders during this category are sturdy and hard. Packing tons of mass into a mean height, big and burly motorcycle riders have their own set of sizing difficulties when checking out the gear that matches them properly. As noted throughout this big and tall motorcycle gear sizing guide, merely throwing on a 4xl motorcycle jacket with a pair of massive and tall biker jeans and calling it each day leaves tons to be desired when it involves the nuances of comfort, performance, and motorcycle style.

Issues for giant and burly motorcyclists

• Issue 1: Extra baggy chest, shoulders, and sleeves when sizing up to suit waist

• Issue 2: Excess length in torso and sleeves when sizing up to suit waist

Motorcycle gear solutions for giant and burly riders:

For big and burly riders like Joe, the foremost notable difficulties in sizing are available in the shape of excess material, beat the incorrect places. The effect for this somatotype is that the converse thereto of the tall and athletic rider, in that, to properly size for the waist, the large and burly rider finishes up with a chest measurement that’s entirely out of whack. While the leather jacket fits through the large and wide measurement, it leaves the chest, shoulders, and arms swimming in extra or excess material. At an equivalent time, and to form matters worse, the rise in volume also comes with a rise in sleeve and torso length that exacerbates the matter for riders of average height. equivalent sizing issues hold for pants.

In the end, both of those issues aren’t an honest look, and more importantly, they mitigate the comfort and protective features of most jackets thanks to the added space between the rider and therefore the features themselves.

Additional Information on big and tall sizing

So, that’s that. Our check out the sizing world for big & Tall motorcycle gear. we’ve tried to require a huge topic and distill it right down to a couple of key tips that could get you started on the proper path. That being said, we are all individuals and intrinsically, vary in our measurements, uses, and stylistic preferences. And that’s an honest thing! the planet would be pretty damn boring if we weren’t. In the end, our goal is to assist you to discover the simplest motorcycle gear for your specific needs, and that we are happy to assist in any way that we will to make sure that’s the case.

For more context, and to ascertain a number of the following pointers, tricks, and kit in motion, inspect the large & Tall Sizing Guide video where you will see Spurg showcase each of those concepts with the help and guidance of some fellows from around the office! you’ll also give our Gear Geeks a shout if you’ve got any queries, comments, or concerns about the sizing of your large and tall motorcycle jackets, heated gear, and much more.


There are many charts with information about height and length, but it doesn’t say anything about the build. Confine your mind that everyone is exclusive which height and weight don’t say it all.

Weight and height are just two dimensions, but also confine mind that shoulders, arm length, and waist size may vary. I’m personally a touch bigger build, which suggests I even have wide shoulders and quite some waist.


What are the safest leather jackets for men?

Safest Motorcycle Jacket Review

  • Klim Induction Textile Mesh Jacket.
  • Pilot Trans. Urban V2 Motorcycle Jacket.
  • Alpinestars Jaws Air Street Motorcycle Jacket.
  • Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Leather Motorcycle Jacket.
  • Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Men’s Textile Jacket.

Should I buy a size bigger in jackets?

When it comes to buying your leather jacket, you should always buy it big enough so there is enough room for all your important layers.

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